We design your project from A to Z


We design your project regardless of its size. We can design all types of buildings and spaces, namely the design of individual, semi-collective or collective housing spaces, administrative, cultural, commercial, industrial, agricultural spaces, exhibition spaces (showroom ), car parks or schools…

Understanding architectural design


The architectural design is a task that is carried out during the study before the works. Architectural design services cover the following works:

– The design and development of administrative acts: we do the construction while respecting the needs of our client. Compliance with the town planning rules in force is our responsibility.

– The design of housing estates while taking into consideration the needs of our client and the regulations in force: so that we can make this design, we take the financial and sociological study and the development plan seriously. We take into account all the constraints imposed by the location or by the client. We ensure the follow-up of the administrative file to successfully design the subdivisions.

– The design of new facades for any type of building: we respect the style and functionality of the construction chosen by the client as well as the dedicated budget.

– The design and planning of city plans and the modification of urban development plans

– The design of the sharing of the lots (between the co-owners or the heirs, etc.) while ensuring the follow-up of the administrative file.

– The design and decoration of all types of spaces (commercial, office, residential, etc.)

– The design of detailed plans that include the elements necessary for the proper execution of the project.


Limitless Architecture for an original and efficient design


At Limitless Architecture, the design phase goes through an innovative, fast and efficient process. We go through a list of steps so that we can design your projects :

  1. Analyze our client’s needs.
  2. Study the surface to be built and adapt it to the client’s needs. As an expert, we add our touch while providing our recommendations.
  3. Take inspiration from the client’s needs, budget and vision for their project to identify the project’s matrix idea. The matrix idea reflects the soul of the client.
  4. Launch the design while starting our first sketches. We focus on the results of the previous steps and we take into account other factors such as the aesthetic aspect, the structure…
  5. Present the sketches to the customer after designing several models. We present and explain our work to the client while answering all questions.
  6. Allow the client time to compare the proposals with a clear head against the proposed design.
  7. Discuss the corrections proposed by the client. We will review everything together and he will be able to benefit from our


  1. Adapt the project according to the client’s vision.



Why should you choose Limitless Architecture ?


Our seniority in the market makes us experts in our chosen field. For a tailor-made design, the Limitless Architecture team is at your disposal and develops a plan that meets all your conditions. Moreover, we always propose designs consistent with the space and the initial budget of the client, keeping in mind the vision of the client. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss the details of your projects.