We ensure the follow-up of all your projects


Limitless Architecture provides you with a follow-up service to accompany you throughout the realization of your project. Personalization and perfection are our priorities to deliver a tailor-made rendering and save you from possible execution errors. Thanks to our follow-up, we combine the experience with the vision, while adapting the architecture to the needs of our client.


Monitoring to supervise your projects


Monitoring is an essential step in architecture where we support our client throughout the process of their project. We follow our client from the study phase until he receives his project, turnkey.


We start by studying the architectural plans, rectifying and advising our client based on their needs, vision and space. The follow-up also covers the coordination between the various stakeholders, in particular the consulting engineer (for the structure), the fluids engineer, the electrical engineer, the project manager, etc.


Coordination in the study phase is based on the superposition of plans and the verification of the concordance of the different plans. The follow-up does not stop at the study phase, but moves on to the execution phase thanks to a sharp and personalized site follow-up.



Your projects are in the hands of experts


Limitless architecture ensures the complete follow-up in terms of the realization of their projects. We ensure:

  • Coordination of studies and works
  • Site follow-up
  • Artistic follow-up
  • Other services that can facilitate the act of building or settling administrative files


In addition, we support our client in the choice of materials used and we advise him on colors and decorative elements. We provide him with the right addresses or we travel on site to assist him in making the choices best suited to his project.

We offer our client the contacts of any stakeholder in the project. Whether in the study phase (such as construction engineers, topographers, etc.) or in the execution phase (such as masons, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc.).


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Our added value


We support our clients so that they achieve their goals and that they are always satisfied. The follow-up is done to ensure that the final rendering is adapted to the design and the requests of the client. So we ensure a certain harmonization in the realization of the space, throughout the monitoring phase.

Our asset is our expertise. But our added value is our commitment and strong involvement in everything we do. In addition, we manage our time perfectly and we determine the practical sequences and the critical points via documents and graphic elements.

For site monitoring, we ensure the proper execution of the work. Thus, the studies and the pre-established design are transformed into a construction that respects all the details indicated and fixed.

With an experience of more than 40 years, we are able to provide you with quality follow-up. No matter the size of your project, trust Limitless Architecture to assist you throughout its realization.